Pre Hari Raya Outing.. =D

oh well.. tis week aku kluar beraya back to back dari hari fridae. Bom, khai, rikee, awan & me. since some are working and others are skooling, jadi we kluar beraya kinda late dlm kol 7 gitu. start of dari umah bom. i met awan first @ boonlay coz he’s from tampines.

yeaa.. from one end to another. =P reach bom’s place abt 630 gitu. had kuay teow horfun there. it was nice!! Power la beb!! sementara tuu tunggu anak manje aku rikee sampai. loL~


nxt house was riyan’s. a walking distance away. his house mcm showroom gitu. fuh~ mirror saner sini, lampu, decorations da jadi mcm wedding gitu. hahahhaa~ had murtabak, rojak cine & popiah basah. =P

up next.. My house!! hehehe.. a short bus ride to boonlay int’chnge.

5 min walk from the interchange.. da pn sampai umah idaman ku. keke~ sori bois.. nothing to eat but the raya kuehs.

nxt stop.. tampines. yeaaa~ umah awan. fuhyohhh!! tampines last house.

a 5 min walk from the train station. yeaa.. and we had nuggest & wedges at awan’s house. feewwittt!! Power!! a change in the menu. kalo tk.. u vist all house, tk lontong, mi hoon. skali skale munchies nuggest & wedges. yea.. it was nice.

left his place about 1120pm. its kinda late tho’. knowing tad we da terlepas the last train back, we decide to hitch a bus to woodlands since it nearer compared to taking a cab from tampines.

* Beloved GP-ians *

thanks awan for sending us off to da bus stop. yeaa another long bus ride to woodlands mrt.. took the last train to JE. hitch a cab there back from. hehehe~ walaupon 4 rumah je dikunjungi, it was fun.. yeaa!! tmr pulak.. beraya bersama CB-ians. =D




  1. #1 by Awan' on Monday, October 29, 2007 - 7:09 pm

    I love all of You… Yeaa.. Thanks fer visiting my house.. Wee~ (=

  2. #2 by uncle sha on Tuesday, October 30, 2007 - 9:08 pm

    fwah so smart mamat seh!

    any chicks pics?

    well camat hari raya bro

    time to burn the midnite oil now .. examssssssss

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