oh well.. 2 days st8 it has been pouring. hahha.. nk kluar pn sampai pikir dua kali. maklom je, kite ni riding.. =D
coming to 11 days since abah & mami left for tanah suci Mecca. alhamdulillah they all sehat2 belaka.. hehe~ anyway, nxt wk a little tight on schedule..
well i got a 2-day Kids’ Camp for primary 5. mon & tues, two schools (Pei chun & stanford pri).. dun worry, i’ll snap pictures here and there to give a little preview.. =P

juz wondering.. asal susah sgt for some ppl to be themselves and speak the truth. ape, bole jadi mati ke? huh!? y?  kalo tk hepi, ckp je.. how kalo nk expect ppl to understand, den ur not being transparent. tell me pls.. advice.. seriusly thinking, its kinda tiring playing tis kind of game.

hahha.. bikin darah aku up jer.. bak kate diva fofular.. u make my blood go upstairs. hahaha~ kekek sak.. loL~ anyways, now is my holiday period.. time to enjoy.. clubbing? saturday zoukout ke per..

p.s i dun celebrate christmas.. so jemah.. dun ask for christmas present.. harr.. hari raya haji tk mo celebrate.. ni christmas pulak!!! byk ko nye omputeh.. hmmph~ 

  1. #1 by Bom on Saturday, December 8, 2007 - 8:19 am

    Serious speaking la kan, honesty is the best policy…but truth hurts…so take ur pick & live with it lol~
    Jgn gi zoukout jut…nnt hujan ribot…susah nk cari tempat bertedoh hehehe dok umah diam2 kan bagos =p
    Aku dah gelek dah smlm..gerek habis!…ko nye turn utk joget lambak biler pulak? hehe Jom kite gi sesame hehe

  2. #2 by nb on Monday, December 10, 2007 - 4:58 am

    maner ader ujan seey pt my area. lmao. i was wondering when saw your nick in msn. RAIN RAIN GO AWAY. etc etc…. heran jugak, tak ujan ujan pon pt sini! hahaha.

    ps: it did not rain on last sat during the zoukOut la pk bom. wooots!

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