u decide..

i cudnt help it but to xpress it all here, since its pointless and i’m tired of talking verbally, i might as well blog it down. yea!! oki.. my eyes are heavy.. but must endure for short while..

if u can understand it wad i’m trying to say.. well, all i can say is tad ur good..

oki.. lets begin.. one moment it was to be inform then when ask again.. so it shud be inform all the time? the reply was not. ask if it was reporting, answer was no. den back to the first question.. isnt it the same as informing? the answer was yea, i noe. so now pls tell me wad i’m missing?

next.. back from away.. tiring but hoping tad i cud sleep soundly tonite. instead.. short sms was received. mood change. did reply. instead of  hoping to get my spirit high up.. it crash like the 2 planes crash on the twin tower, sept 11 event. bombarded. more of interrogated. so i’m in wrong again?

so is tad all u noe? wad else do u noe? i dunno wad u noe coz onli u noe wad u noe.. den again u decide, coz i nvr feel tired as wad i have felt now..

hope u do understand.. tad is if u do understand..

and yea.. on a shorter note.. my parents are coming home today @ 12.25pm @ Changi Airport Terminal 2. Insya’allah we’ll  meet later.. i miss u guys.. nvr have i missed them so much like i did now..

well tad aside.. perhaps i shud juz stay home tis friday.. mayb i juz shud.

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