School reopens..

 yep.. first & foremost.. juz for formality sake eh.. skola da bukak tau. time to start running those brain juice and get the new semester kicking & running. wakakkaa~ so far the timetable blom lagi finalise.. kadang ada lesson here, kadang tkde.. den tadi pn member ajak gi lepak ngan kumpulan perbayu short for Persatuan Bahasa & Budaya Melayu NTU.

Met some old frens from my secondary school. Realli had fun time tadi.. From the games to the Bujang lapok movie. yep there were lucky draws too.. Lotsa events coming up in the coming months.. =)

  1. #1 by eddy.heedayat on Thursday, January 10, 2008 - 1:47 pm

    oohhh… welcome back to school!!!! 😉

    Fai`: thanks bro.. a little wierd going back to sch tho.. hahaha~

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