Back from break


i’m home.. hahaha.. yep, back from JB – bukit indah. stay over @ my cousin’s place for 2 night.. well, didnt realli expect the kinda fun which i had in mind. can say a little dissappointing. didnt get to travel far but except onli tad area. might as well i stay in singapore and travel ard rite. most of the shop there closed. and for goodness sake – its chinese new year. oh yea..

haha.. anyway. didnt did much there.. went to JUSCO.. den to Angsana Plaza.. den back to their crib. sianz.. didnt even manage to cover both place.. its like 2hr and there.. pe bende nk cover sumer.. lebih baik dok umah betol? hahaha~ see even i can summarize the whole day event into like 1 short paragraph here. loL~ damn.. i’m good..

the nxt day.. the guys went for friday prayers after which we join the ladies at KipMart. sumting like GekPoh gitu.. had lunch den went home.. interesting rite our day? hahahaha.. V-E-R-Y!! in the evening, we had a little BBQ and a very short karaoke session. trust me.. its a short one.. 6 songs and we’re ask to stop. mak oii.. aku gi Cash Studio ngan Bom lebih mulia. hahahhaa~

tak amik gambar sgt coz.. tkde mood.. ni amik pn terpaksa.. hahahha~ tkpe.. nnt 26 ni.. aku gi KL pulak.. ngan member aku.. Time to enjoy.. Realli enjoy~

  1. #1 by Bom on Tuesday, February 12, 2008 - 1:43 pm

    Aisey petom!!! Aku rase kampong jurong lebih hip n happening la hehehe

    And 6 lagu aje?? Killing the steam only…wasting of ur vocal talent!

    Aku gi chalet kat pasir ris nyanyi melalak ngan makcik2 aku sampai 2 pagi la siot lol~

    And…hehehe boob lady tu ehem ehem…sexy beb…hehehe if u see carefully u noe wat i mean =p

    Apa itu nordin act cute ka? ikot skali ke JB kenal saudara mara jauhnye ke? hehehe

    Fai`: baru ko tau.. jurong lagi happening seyy.. membazir air liur aku je tarek suare.. yg pasal boop lady tu.. kalo ko tk tegor, aku pn tk perasan.. eleh.. maseh sexy lagi pe mak limah aku tu.. =P

  2. #2 by eddy.heedayat on Tuesday, February 12, 2008 - 10:56 pm

    i sense lots of sarcasm in ur entry..
    i mean R-E-A-L-L-Y!!! 😉

    Fai`: hehee.. try to sensor as much as i cud.. =X

  3. #3 by raf on Wednesday, February 13, 2008 - 2:47 pm

    LOL at the carpets haha!
    penis pon boleh spell wrongly..

  4. #4 by Shaz on Saturday, February 16, 2008 - 9:11 pm

    waaa the bbq looks shiok man

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