The Orang Panjang Contemporary Mat Dictionary

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The Orang Panjang Contemporary Mat Dictionary

Gua [goo-wah] noun – What some mats and minahs use to call themselves.
Similar in using “lu” when referring to others. A legacy that dates
back to the times of Mat Rocks back in the early 80s.

A common trick that can be played on Mats is to ask them to translate
the English phrase “Monkey Cave” into Malay. The mat will then say
Gua Monyet” (I’m a monkey).

Mat [mat] noun – To the rest of the world, the word simply means a
Malay guy. But within the Malay community itself there is a growing
disparity in consensus to its actual meaning. Popularly, it’s used to
denote a guy who converses primarily in Malay, as opposed to the more
“English speaking” types.
Favourites of the mats include tapered jeans, trucker caps and weepy Malay
songs with sickeningly suicidal lyrics.

Matrep [mat-rape] noun – An extreme version of the mat. In addition to
the usual mat accessories, a matrep will also come adorned with tattoos
and matching body-piercings in weird corners of his body.

Minah [mee-nah] noun – An expression used to denote a Malay female.
Derived from the popular Malay name, Aminah, which used to be all the
rage some time ago. It was sort of the “in-thing” to name your
daughter Aminah back in the 60s and 70s. In fact, legend has it that if
you go to Geylang Serai market and shout “Hai Minah!” at least a
quarter of the makcik population there is going to turn around and smile
at you.

Picit [pee-chet] adjective – When a mat tells you to “picit” him, it
does not mean that he is trying to be cheeky (or gay, if he is talking
to a fellow mat). It simply means that the mat wants you to call him on
his mobile. What were you thinking?

Relaksuah [ree-lek-soo-wah] adjective – Official slogan and life motto
of the mats and minahs.

Sial [see- yal ] noun / adjective – A full stop in every mat’s
sentence. Eg: “Tadi aku nampak accident sial Rabak sial Aku tak bedek
sial Kesian sial” Translation: Just now I saw an accident (full stop)
It was bad (full stop) I’m not kidding (full stop) Poor guy (full stop)

In its purest form, “sial” means “jinx” but mats have refined
the art of using the word to include it at
the end of their every sentence. Also comes in the more polite
form “siak” and “siul” for those who
do not want to sound too crude.

Skank [s-kank] adjective – A favourite weird-looking dance performed by
mats and minahs. Usually done at any of the various gigs that mats and
minahs love to congregate at. At times, you do detect evidence of
artistry in the dance but most of the time they just look like they’ve
been possessed by the ghost of a restless retard.

Sowie [soh-wee] adjective – An expression of apology used by minahs.
Commonly used in SMS and instant messaging. Actually they can just use
the word “sorry” like every normal human being but minahs think that
it will make them sound extra cute to deliberately talk that way.
Example : “I will be late. Sowie!”

Step [se-tep] adjective – To beguile, dissimulate or impersonate
something or someone that they are not. Also commonly used to describe a
fellow mat or minah who acts in an arrogant manner. E.g.“Kau jangan nak
step tak tahu eh?” Translation: Don’t you dare feign innocence in this
matter. Can also be used as a gerund e.g. “stepping”.
See next entry.

Step Jambu [se-tep jam-boo] adjective – What minahs do when they are
sitting alone in a train and a group of mats walk in. It is a general
exercise where the minah “controls” her facial muscles and posture in
a way that would make her look her best. This would usually involve
looking incessantly at her handphone for no particular reason.

Stoppit [setop-eet] adjective – A general expression of intolerance and
dismay. When a minah uses this phrase, be very careful for it signals
that she is about to lose her cool or get very violent.

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