I miss KL (part II)

hahahaha.. second part of me going KL.. hahaha…

we bought the tix to genting upon reaching perhentian puduraya. yep.. Genting is da next destination. hahahha~ bought the 1030am pergi and the 6pm bus back!! oki la.. quite comfy. mcm bas grassland jugak. trip makan masa abt 1 jam. hahaha.. yg bikin tk bole angkat was the road is paved on the contours of the hill. so kalo nk naik sane wif my bike, makin nampak nk kena hantar untuk servis beb!! =P

anyway.. reach genting nye interchange abt 1130am. still we have to board the genting skyway aka cable car. wahahahha~

yep.. the trip last for abt 20mins beb!! gerun, gentar, gamat.. haahaha apalagi yg bole sumbat kad huruf ‘g’, ko sumbat la.. loL~ it was great. yea.. for someone who’s afraid of heights, hahaha.. the ride is safe!! =)

kabus berkepul2 kad bukit.. mcm kapas. puteh dan suci. hehhe.. teringat zama2 army kad taiwan.. loL~

anyway, setiba kad atas.. we proceed to get the tix for both indoor and outdoor theme park. woooot~ time to have fun!! yeaa.. the tix was RM51. oh yea.. sry eh if u guys cant see much of me. all these pix was taken by my from my video cam. i have yet to receive from is. haiz.. lama pulak budak ni nak hantar gambar.

anyway, the theme park was cold! i mean es bok freeze cool~ there were so many ride out there. hahhaha~ rides like the flying coaster, pirate ship, corkscrew, space shot, spinner and alot more. tapi sayang, cudnt playall ofit coz kesuntukan masa.

we wanted to try the go-kart tapi cik adek chicken kiter tuu.. ehem ehem.. vertically challenge sikit.. hehehehe~ anyway, abt 2pm gitu, we proceed for the indoor theme park. alot has change since the last time i go there.. err which is when i’m pri 3? hahaha.. loL~ but the famous ride – the vintage car is still there!!

Hahhaa.. surprising ly they can fit eveything in one place. yea.. anyway, the 5 of us decided to do a wax hand figurines. Guess which hand was mine!!

frankly speaking.. the duration is not enough to ride all the rides there. ni baru pergi hari weekday – wednesday. imagine weekend. fuyoh! jawap nye.. kena sampai dlm kol 9 pagi beb. lagipun kalo cuace tk bagos, the whole outdoor park is closed! our bus was @ 6pm. so we had to leave the place by 445pm. mana nk jalan kluar.. mana nak naik cable car dia. i had loads of fun there. seriusly.. if can go back there now.. i would skip class.. =P

anyway, back @ KL – puduraya stesen. dengan perot keroncong. hahaha.. time to dig in to my all time fav fast food chain which is no longer in SG.

hahaha.. yeaa.. tad was my meal. maklom je perot lapar. hahhaha~  the root beer float. i wouldnt wan to miss it. yeaaa..  yummmyy!!! after munching, we met up wif is’s fren – cine. ahahaha.. met him @ petaling st. tis time juz a short trip around it. den next we had some night activity. my favourite tis time. hahahah

surprising we chatted all the way after the ktv and back to da hotel. hahaha.. sampai is ckp.. wahh, baru berbual dah kenal mcm 10 tahun gitu. hahhaha~ back in the hotel. it was alreadi abt 2am. hahaha.. my eye da tk leh bukak. so.. time to land myself in dreamland. serius.. damn blardy tired laa. thursday is the day to check out.. haizz.. so fast when ur having fun.. =(

chicken was our wake up caller. hahaha.. i tink w/o her.. sumer orang tk leh bangun. loL~ pagi2 da berendam kad pool~ wooot~

begini la karenah2 budak2.. hahaha.. after skinny dipping, a very short sauna session. time to check out from the hotel. definitely a place to leave prints in my heart. =)

we check out abt 12pm, and had a few hours to kill. so.. massage anyone? hahhaaha.. =P u noe, i noe.. loL~ our bus was @ 4pm. KL-SG Konsortium Express. also another not very good servis. hahahaha.. wads the point of booking our seats when purchasing the tix and in the end, we are seated NOT at out designated place. tads pathetic!! nvm.. i dun wan to ruin my mood coz i still miss my KL. hahaha..

i’ll be back tis may.. tis time wif family and my abg sedara and his wife. hehehhe~ watch out ppl.. i’ll be back!!!

  1. #1 by eddy.heedayat on Thursday, March 6, 2008 - 5:22 pm

    i missed A&W!!!…
    the curly fries and root beer float…

  2. #2 by Bom on Thursday, March 6, 2008 - 11:54 pm

    I want that A&W bear water bottle hehehe the one where u suck ur water out from the tip of his cap lol!~
    Nostalgia sey!!!

  3. #3 by raf on Friday, March 7, 2008 - 9:32 pm

    omg i sooo miss a&w!!!!

  4. #4 by wåñ‡äñ on Friday, March 7, 2008 - 11:06 pm

    menarik sungguh Kl ni (=

  5. #5 by kekasih82 on Saturday, March 8, 2008 - 9:07 am

    oh yeaa.. cumer la kalo SG ni ader A&W.. haizzz

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