Cyber Bully

yea.. tad was the topic my group pick for the HW111 – Mastering Communication. It was one of the pass / fail module tad we have to take for this sem. wooot!! i tink the 6 of us nailed the presentation well. hahahhaa.. Out presentation was recorded oki!! i’ll upload it as soon as i got it to wadever mode when its inside my lappy. yeaa.. i tink it will be abt 1/2hr or so. hahahha~

and do u know SG is in running #2 juz after the big apple?! My group SeowChin, Najmaddin, WenTing, RiBin, CiJi and mE will cover on this topic called CyberBully. anyway, i did my part on this boy called Ryan Patrick Halligan. He was my best ‘dead’ fren for the past week. If he would be alive, he wud be 19 this october 6.

CyberBully is Wrong!!
CyberBully KILLS!!
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