Bowling + Pizza = Fun!!

hahaha.. ya i noe its a corky title.. but hey.. nt everytime i comeout wif such title bah.. loL~
yep.. spend the afternoon wif awan bowling.. and yep.. thrashed him 3 games str8.. oops.. =P
hahaha.. with tad.. i gt a strawberry sunday.. weee~

i’m the second bowler.. hehehe.. avg la my score.. nt tad good oso.. after the game.. since we gt loads of time b4 the movie start..

we decided to walk2 first.. anyway, we’re watching Three Kingdoms: Resurrection of the Dragon.

yep.. a good show to watch.. basicalli a summary of the story – Romance of the 3 Kingdoms.
i give 3 out of 5 stars.

we den head to peninsula to look see look see baju and pants..
den head back to killeney’s coffee.
hahaha.. by this time i’m wet coz we dashed in the rain.
and reached killeney’s i spilled kopi-O on my jeans and shirt.. haizz
stained with kopi-O on my white shirt.. and jeans stenched aroma.. hahaha
tu da melebih.. haha.. but its sumting like tad..
dengan pantas cuci kad toilet… hahaha.. tapi.. yg penting…


after da movies.. we head down to PIZZA @ Suntec.

happy.. a fun filled day!!
and the nxt entry was Karaoke!! wooot~

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