yep.. juz got back from holiday ngan famili beb..
3 day tour gi KL, Genting, Sunway & Melaka.
overall, its oki, not bad. but it can be gerek..
yeah.. always have rooom for improvement.

we head down to clementi @ abt 9pm.
tads where our pick-up point is – the former McDonald’s
anyways.. there is a whole lot os makciks & pakciks waiting there
with their luggage mcm nk gi switzerland gitu. lols

skali they not in the same tour like us.
they’re heading to kelantan & terengganu.

ding dong ding dong.. bas datang kol 1030 gitu..
tunggu orang kad eunos (the other pick up point).
mak oii lambat nahh..

got on the bus, depart to second-link.
my first trip to KL wif family after like eons ago.
loLs.. tis time.. my family + nordin + bom & awan.
first time in history.. keke..

we reach putrajaya around 430 gitu..
solat suboh kad Masjid Putra.
and off we go to our first destination – Genting

tads our first pit stop.
hahaha.. kinda wierd coz..
everyone in da bus tk MANDI!! busyuk.. loLs..

ikot rombongan ni ader sikit tk gerek teka aper..
terpaksa ikot time yg diberikn oleh tour guide.. sadz..
time so short laaa.
no time to have fun.. no fun laa..
manage to enjoy the indoor theme park..
tu pn we ride the “fastest moving object” – the caterpillar

timing given cumer 3hrs gitu je.
very short la.. tk dpt main sumer ride..
we only get to play the indoor theme park.

the sad thing is tad we didnt get to ride the cable car..
the bus went up str8 to the top unlike the time i went wif Is.
anyways.. kecoh sak sumer dlm bus..
or in fact yg kecoh skali adalah aku.. ahahhaa~
pe nk buat.. sumer dlm bas mcm zombie.. snyap je.. loLs..

nothing has change much @ genting..
nxt up is Jln Masjid India.. where all the makcik goes shopping.
ala ala mcm geylang serai gitu.. loLs
after tad.. we head to the hotel to check in.
Kuala Lumpur International Hotel.

i did told u rite.. we’re having a mini celebration for sis 22nd b’dae
hahaha.. yeaa.. a surprise for her..
we did it in the hotel.. surprise!!

view from the hotel room..

The nxt day, we had breakfast. yummy..
I tot cumer roti bakar ngan kaya je..
but.. fuyohh.. a wide spread of fuyohhh..

begitu la bersarapan di hotel.. fuyohhh~
kenyang beb.. sampai baju kena kari.. wahahahhaa~
nxt stop is the Istana diRaja. fuyohh.. manage to see them do the guard mounting.

Istana di-Raja
very da majestic laa.. tapi all in versi melayu..

up da bus and we head nxt to Sunway Lagoon.. wooot~
tapi cumer i’m nt swimming je. hahaha~ the shopping center was like OMG laa..
sebesau.. fuh.. Jurong Point kalah.. hahahha~

Sunway Lagoon
we sampai a bit the fast laa..
930 da sampai.. tapi shopping center tu blom bukak..
tercepat la beb.. hahaha

too big to shop la the place.. and the price is also like melambung.. fuyohhh~
well the best way to slack @ tis kinda place is ti sit and chill kad starbucks..
minom kopi.. wahahhaha~

yep.. nxt up was the Eye of Malaysia & KLCC.. lets go.. woohooo~

Eye of Malaysia
ni la ala2 Singapore Flyer but its faster and it has more capsules..
too fast too furious.. hahaha

yeaa.. the tallest twin tower in the world..
oso another pack and crowded place..
all boutiques.. mahal sak.. expensive laa..

well.. enuff of sight seeing for the day..
before heading back to da hotel..
we head down to Petaling Street ala2 bugis street gitu.
yeaa.. got myself a jacket and a tshirt. yeaa..
den we head back to da hotel..

at night pulak.. we head down to Chow Kit for another round of shopping.
yea.. tk sia2 bawak bom.. hahaha
multi lingual, bargain king.. fuyohh..
power laa.. nxt stop.. BKK okii.. hahhaa..
blajar bahasa thai pulakk.. khap khun kahh.. =P

yep.. last day @ the hotel..
time to set off back to Singapore..

hahha.. mcm datuk2, datin2 seyy
keke.. the last day.. we’re heading to melaka.
last round of shoppin.. hahaha

Chocolate Boutique
tads the first stop before we head to melaka.
fuyohh.. kalah factory cadbury kad depan rumah.. hahaha

err.. btw, i dun realli fancy chocolate..
yep.. not my cup of tea.

anyways.. we head down to the town of Melaka for our last pit stop of the trip
visted Telaga Hang Tuah, Rumah orang tradisional.. Slack laa..
and OMG.. the weather is so da blardy HOT!!

overall.. the trip was oki..
the noisy ppl rules the bus.. wooot~
dunno if the rest mind our nuisance. hahaha~

Blackrose Rawks!!!

  1. #1 by Bom on Thursday, May 22, 2008 - 12:53 pm

    Khap Khun Kah!!! LoL~

    Wat noisy ppl?! excuse me! we r da life of the bus & the entire tour ah! wakakaka

    Yea learn thai then we go BKK…i go bargain again…LoL~ Mai Mai Goong Lap Mek (ni main sebat je)

  2. #2 by eddy.heedayat on Friday, May 23, 2008 - 5:25 pm

    bila hang nye turn nak gi holiday?..

  3. #3 by wåñ‡äñ on Friday, May 23, 2008 - 7:39 pm

    Fuyoh ~ Agreed as what Bom says.. Kita laa yg terpaling heboh di bas tu =p Anyways.. the KL trip was hilarious !! Miss those moments.. haha.. insya’allah ke tempat lain pula, next time around kalao ada yg berlebihan tu.. hehe (=

    Cookies & Creme’

  4. #4 by Moonstruck on Thursday, June 19, 2008 - 12:05 pm

    Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Moonstruck.

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