science.ctr wif da ministers

ahahaha.. yep..
the transport,finance and mica was there.. loL~

actualli tu sumer tahyol.. bak kata khai.. jgn percaye tu sumer.. wakakkaa~
anyways, me, bom and khai decided to head down to the singapore science ctr..
a good sunny afternoon.. yep~ gerekz..

there was a dinosaur exhibition and bom wanted to see it real bad laa..

and here we are.. weee~
oki bois and girls.. finger on da lips.. in twos..
lets enter the science ctr…

we we’re greeted by the majestic t-rex at the entrance.. hahhaa~
lets recall.. hmm.. the last time i’ve been here.. eons ago.. hahhaaa~
i tink i remember the last time i’ve been here was when the omnimax was showing the space..

anyways.. i tink the place was upgraded. hahha.. or i tink it was renovated. loL~
from physics to chemistry to energy.. wierd experiments..
reminds me of primary sch.. hahaha

if onli these creatures would be alive.. wonder how it wud be like.. hahhaa.. too bad my fav dinosaur nt there.. u noe.. the one wif the club on its tail.. hahaha~

on the left is the exo skeletion of a t-rex and on the right is me holding a florescent lamp in the experiment involving a tesla coil.. the lamp lited up when the experiment started. whoaaa~ magic!!

guess which is mine.. wahahahaha~
we caught Dino Alive @ the omnimax.. a good show.. my second time going there..
it showed how dino bones are discovered especially at Gobi Desert and the Ghost Ranch in New Mexico.

decided to continue our tour  in the rest of the science..
hahaha visited the water exhibition and a few more before calling it a day..
those who nvr visted.. i wud say.. do visit the science center..
its worth ur 12 bucks.. hehehe~

so wads next? jurong bird park, ministers? hahahhaa..
perhaps slumber party tis friday eh at finance minister’s place..
till then.. see ya ard..

  1. #1 by wåñ‡äñ on Tuesday, June 10, 2008 - 10:41 pm

    nice place to visit.. (=

    Fai`: indeed it is..

  2. #2 by Bom on Wednesday, June 11, 2008 - 9:42 am

    The ministries will all go to Gobi Desert next…to find dinosaur bones…it’s the next big thing to hit Jurong!

    Forget Ubin, Forget Switzerland…Gobi’s HAWT!~

    Fai`: dun forget the ghost ranch!! and the flaming cliffs… woooot~

  3. #3 by eekz on Wednesday, June 11, 2008 - 9:57 am

    Anklyosaurus is your fav? The amoured-spiky plant-eater kind of dino. Or is it Stegosaurus, the platy plant-eater. Anyway, your trip seems fun. I was fond of dinos too when I was lil. Always amazed by Jurassic Park. Still do actually. My fav is Brachiosaurus. Largest long neck.

    Fai`: ahhh tu dier.. hahaha maklom je cikgu english tk ajar.. =P tads my fav.. pak bom’s was the 3-horned triceratops, while khai is the plated stegosaurus.. cool kn!!

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