hahahah nari je starting of da day da salah masok kelas.. loL~
coz the curriculum was divided into odd and even week.
so.. today is wk 5 and odd week and i was supposed to have a class wif my 3T1.
skali tersalah masok klas daa.. gi masok 1N2..

terkejot berok kejap. hahaha~
tapi tkpe.. relax.. chill.. cool..
jgn buat muker tension.. lol~

anyways.. lesson as per normal tadi.
english wif 3T1.. Geo wif my 1N1.. Social Studies wif my 1T1..
den came assembly.. and  ended my day by invigilating oral exams for sec 1Ns

fuyohh.. mata berat je biler time dorang oral..
hahaha imagine 14 kids.. reading the same passage over and over again.. loL~
anyways.. i’ve shifted my place to the staff room on lvl2..
finalli can mingle wif more peepz..

basically tad is my tuesday in the odd wk..
cya tmr ya’ll..

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