A friend ask me to write a short post on the following  topic.. So here goes..

The craziest thing I have done for love is… Well, there are many craziest moments that i may have done for love. Although i do not consider some to be crazy, but when it comes to love, us – men tend to be under this hocus pocus. Laugh all you want if you may as i am sure some of us may just did things without knowing about it.

Well, I do have my moment. Hahaha.. I used to have a major crush on this girl from a different course in the same school. Let us just called her ‘F’. It happen during my freshmen year in the polytechnic. Soon the rumour about me reaches her and her friends. Can you imagine what the situation was like? Teased by friends, disturbed by many. To my surprise, the whole matter subsided fast. All the teasing and disturbance from coursemates came to a halt. In less than 2 weeks, everything seemed back to normal. I’m surprised either. I manage to gather all my courage and decided to ask her our for a lunch date. And she agreed.

She suggest we meet somewhere in town to have dinner but i insist on picking her up at her residence. Well, what a luck, the sky started to drizzle when i reached at the MRT station. I started to dash across toward her block when the fine drizzle became a heavy downpour. There i was under the void deck with my brand new shirt partly soaked and my jeans a little wet. I’d text her saying that i’ve reached and she replied that she’ll be down in a second. Anxiously waiting. The wind wasn’t that strong but the chill, that really did reached the spine. Shivering while waiting for her to make her entrance. The few seconds became minutes. I’d texted her again asking if she’s coming down soon.

Minutes became the first hour. And still no reply. My mind was running amok up there thinking of all sorts of things that might have happen to her. Then again.. Am i being cheated? Though i am not a stranger to that when comes to dates like this. However, the moment i decided to leave, something would just made me to stay. Maybe gut feeling? Intuition? I had got no idea. But somehow i just got to stay. Unlike other dates which i have been out with, i could just walked off when this kind of thing happened.

So there i am waiting and still waiting. Shivering cold in my drenched clothes. And the breeze kept blowing non-stop as though to make me leave the place. First hour turned to the next.  The rain was pouring heavily. With the wind blowing at me, both of it can be considered a deadly combination. Hahhaha~

Anyway, there i was shivering and i think i am getting a fever soon enough if i am not out from these wet clothes. This went on till the fourth hour where i started to sent her a message. This is what i typed on my Nokia 3310 – I’m nt surprised if this is happening. But would u mind to come down..
I am a little slow when comes to typing text messages on the phone. Half way typing the message, i was covered by a big towel from the back. I turned to look which kind soul started to take symphaty.

I was shocked to see it was her, ‘F’. A raging anger started to take over the shell-shocked me. Before i could raised my voice and yelled at her, she came over and start hugging me and said these words that i could not forget till now. She said, “This is the first time where i had a guy waiting for me this long.” I was like huh. What are you talking lady. Please enlightened me a little here. So she invited me up to her crib. There i was introduced to her mother and granddad. I sat down and she began to explain everything.

Finally light had shown on me and i’d understand. She had done the same thing to any guys that would want to ask her out for a date. She had encoutered past and painful experiences before so she had made the assuption that all guys are nothing but jerks. But here, i proved her otherwise. Not all guys are the same. Our dinner date at town now changed into dinner at her place together with her mother and granddad with her being the chef. It was a memorable night for me.

Now looking back, well i guess sometimes love really could just make you do weird stuff and u just didnt realise your doing it.

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