yeahh.. time to rejoice baby..
finalli im reaching my off peak season. loL~
actualli the end of term 3 is juz round the corner, or shud i say..
tis is my last wk for term 3..

a long and arduous path for a relief teacher teaching classes where such immaturity exists.
this wk can be considered as a sports wk. yeahh..
we juz had a healthy sandwich making competition today..
and tmr.. we’re gonna have a sports carnival @ CDANS HomeTeamNS
and friday we’re having a sports’ carnival cum teachers’ day concert.. loL~

yeap.. teachers’ day is on monday.. but since its a term break for the kids..
we’re pushing the celebration early.. oh yea not forgeting fasting month starts on teachers’ day.. woot~

anyways.. apart from the happiness and all..
setting end of year paper is taking its toll. loL~
well, cant blame it coz its my first time doing it..
so pls have mercy on me..

on a lighter note.. i finally get to see the standard of my 3NTs..
i mean in terms of their basic english.. u can basicalli pin point on where they stand..
another thing is tad my form class.. it deteriorating..
not physically the classroom.. but their attitude and behaviour..
its like oMG!!
like i always say.. dun test water.. u nvr know wad lies beneath the still water.
hahaha.. so far i’m still keeping my cool~

yea.. i’m so loving my new transition lenses.. its uber COOL!!
but it cost me a huge bomb in my wallet. >.<

anyway.. looking forward for tmr’s swimming carnival..

till den.. ciao peepz.. =)

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