hey all..
1st sept is Teachers’ dae and also the beginning of fasting month.
was happy last night.. the sch celebrated teachers’ day by having a concert plus ACES day
and in the evening we end off the day wif a dinner @ da sch hall..

yep.. heard me right.. dinner @ da sch hall..
dun get mistaken.. its held there due to we’re saving as much for our new premises @ the old campus.

i enjoyed the concert put up by da school bois and gerls..
from live bands to skits.. i truly have fun..
kudos to all who have been involve and make the concert a success. =)
brings me back when i was a student performing on teachers’ day.. loL

the dinner’s theme was BBSS – Going Olympics.
most of the teachers’ dressed up quite sporty.. =)
food was oki.. but the beehoon is too soggy.
satay was nice.. the rice a little too hard.

we had lotsa games such as piggy back race, macaroni letters, musical chairs juz to name a few..
there are lotsa prezzies for the winners.. yea!!

talking abt the prezzies..
me and another teacher (syikin) won the well-dressed award..
and i won the first prize in the lucky dip.. fuyooh..

tak leh angkat beb.. power daa..
yesterday i had more prezzies than i’ve ever had on my b’dae.. loL~

anyways.. hepi teachers’ day to all.. =)

  1. #1 by Bom on Saturday, August 30, 2008 - 1:51 pm

    Looks like we both got best dress award LoL~
    Wakakaka…*sings* fashionista…how do u look…wakakaka

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