hahahha.. today iis 22 sept, monday
first time writing a post in da office.
tmr SA2 offically kicks in wif EL paper..
nothing to worry for my side juz hope tad my 3T class could do the paper..
hahahha.. practically i’ve got nothing much to do.
except planning on next yr SOW. hahahha~

was considering to carry on teach for another term..
wad u think i shud do? but then again.. how far cn i go wif relief onli..
was thinking of taking teaching as a career but i nid to earn a degree to get gd pay if u noe wad i mean..

anyway.. we went out to jb yesterday to get the kuih muih for hari rayer.
we spent a total of RM524 in kuih & kerepek.. hahahaha..
u cn get more stuffs there compared to angsana..
kaoz.. kena ketok man.. loL~
juz imagine 4 botol of 50 for RM100.. day light robbery!!

tis yr purple was da family colour wif white samping to go along wif.
rumours has it tad on da 18 & 19 r da dates for my open house..
ni sumer gara2 si gemok.. coz big boss dier nk dtg.. bleah~
on the following wkend 25,26 ; CB nk kluar rayer.. loL

sad, sad.. ramadan leaving in 8 days time.. sobzz

  1. #1 by raf on Tuesday, September 30, 2008 - 7:33 pm

    selamat hari raya fairose!!!!
    really hope you have a sweet one this year with ur family =)

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