oh yep.. it’s been 16 days after hari raya and i still didnt enjoy much of it.. loL~
anyway tis yr raya has been quite a slow-no-mood kinda occasion. hahaha..

im taking puasa 6 tis wk and its VERY tiring..
much tiring then ramadan.. OMG!!
2 more days and it will be over!! yea!!

in sch today, we celebrate the Normal Technical Day or NTD for short.. hahha~
tads where the NT students showcase their work to the whole school..
works like making a shelter, cooking in the outdoor, origami, making designs out of clay,
throwing frees bee and many other stuffs..

and here i’m wif my bunch of devils during the exhibition.

too bad my 4NT boys wasnt there.. hahaha
if nt confirm lagi kecoh..

anywayz.. tmr is IPW-HOM day..
the lower sec are presenting their puppetry skill.
well, it will be another whole day event..

and yep.. im going jln raya wif my sispec bois tmr evening..
cant wait for tad..
oh yea.. im doing a hari raya open house tis Sunday @ noon.
coz other time slot is for my sis’s frens, mum’s members.. fuyohh

jadilah amah filipin.. sianz~

  1. #1 by Adam Mas on Sunday, October 19, 2008 - 1:02 pm

    u write very well… a lot of inner expressions
    in between the lines.

    sumthing to ponder..

    abt belief versus values… which one comes first??

    i had that for months behind my head eversince my colleague asked me…till now… i am still searching for a n answer…

    Fai’ : i wud say tad belief wud come first.. den values.. Coz belief is ur faith and from ur faith values wud juz follow in accordance. =)

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