juz to confirm that i had not been updating my blog since da last open house @ my cousin’s in JB.
yep.. entah la.. angin malas juz got into me.. wakakakka~
kalo nk kira.. da nk masok sebulan sey tk update.
oki.. lemme recall eh of all the events tad alreadi pass

hahaha u can all of the pic kad my facebook.
the recent one was eek’s b’day celebration @ The Naked Fish Shoppe @ GrassRoot Club at YCK

hmm yeap.. his 23rd b’day

den still there’s da deepra-raya celebration..
wad i like to say penutup hari raya ngan pembukaan deepavali.. hhahahah~

kalo nk ckp semangats.. hahah yea..
we go all out!! woohooo~ naseb baek bukan gong xi raya!! hahahaha

since we got a vehicle for da holiday.. the 3rd day we went town and chill since its diwali.. loL~

hahaha tk yah nk step macho kalo tk macho.. loL~ and rafiz.. ur heavy!! hahaha~

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