today is xmas eve.
and im @ home. no plans of going out.
the weather was wet.. and its still wet.

there are so many things i wanna let out.
but i dunno where shud i start.

if u didnt noe me well enuf..
many might juz tot im juz one serious-face looking fella w/o any sense of emotions
tapi tidak ramai tau tad behind tad guise..
im juz an ordinary guy too.
seorang insani..
ada rasa hati..
ada perasaan..

but recently.. my heart sank much deeper
and saw old sparks and new ones.
feeling of fear kicks in..
tads where im afraid.

afraid nt because it wont work..
afraid of its concequences..
neither do i wan to lose any either.

coz there was a time when it was asked to rank the people i luv..
and the answer appeared top as compared to gf/bf.
shocking isnt it?
coz i treasure them more than i treasure u.

on da way back..
my eyes were damped..
heart was heavy..
although all seems oki..

  1. #1 by pinkcessprince on Thursday, December 25, 2008 - 12:38 am

    take care okay? 🙂
    the next time i hop in here,
    hope to see some smiles 🙂

    *wa ckp org, tapi sendiri pun sama. hehehe*

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