first n foremost.. slamat tahun baru to all. :))
this is my first entry of the year.. woohoo!!

just some updates..
projek ubin was a success after 2 years of planning. hahaha~
yep.. happy although the first few planning sangkak..
tadaaa.. jejak jugak ke pulau ubin.

i celebrate my 26th b’dae on the 28th and i juz turn 27th – 5 days ago.
hahahha.. nothing big of a celebration.
juz some cake cutting wif families & frens.. :))

GP had a steamboat session @ God’s crib..
loads of food, gr8 company.. but too bad ashh cudnt be there..
if nt, it wud be better.
stayed for countdown in front of the telly.. hahahha~
although its lame.. but still, enjoyed da fireworks. =P

as the New Year kicks in..
many r still prep up their work,
pack bag 4 school..
coz the nxt day.. its nt a school hols..

2nd jan..
tads where kids will go to sch after a long break..
parents of pri 1 r busy wif their kids.. :))
while the rest.. work.. work.. work.. hahaha~

im was quite excited of the first wkend.
coz tads where we head down to East Coast after a long 2 yr break.
yep.. the last time i went to ecp was 2 yrs back wif them.
and here.. we’re back again!!

really enjoy the company.. although its tired.
at the same time, we’re celebrating rikee’s 21st bdae. :))
finally ur @ ur TWO. hahahha~ well, ashh.. urs is up nxt. 😉
hahaha although penatt giler babi..
but i do realli enjoy the moment spent there..
definitely will nt forget the time spent together~

i didnt upload all the pics here.. but u cn go to my facebook to view them.. :))

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