hahaha kena commented “alasan” on my last post. loL~
oh well, like i said – some ppl are busy working
but hey.. im updating it now. ((:

let me see.. where shud i start.. hmm~
oh yea, what about my sch badminton players.
another friend and i tagged along some of the
sec 2’s badminton players to Fuhua Sec for a qualifying round
to go against Nanyang Girls High, Commonwealth Sec & host – Fuhua Sec.
from what i observed – their attitude is like OMG laa~
mcm nk tampar je satu2 tuu.. urghhh!!

just take one scenario la..
if nanyang girls high can stroke without a net or a court,
i dun see y my sch team cant do just the same?
and when  i was approached by the players saying that they need a court to stroke,
i pointed out an empty court WITH net for them to use..
MAK OII!! terhegeh2 mcm penagih siol~
by the time they reached to da court, Nanyang girls high starting to stroke there.. URGH!!!
how to win like tad..
and betol jugak.. their line up was wif Nanyang Girls High.
one of the match they scored a wonderful 6 – 21
i dunno is OUTCLASS is the right word to use here. hahhhaha~
nxt wk they’ll be @ Boonlay Sec for another qualifying round.
Just see how they fair laaa…

yesterday, BBSS play host to Sagano High School
the japanese students – 250 strong reached abt 930am
good thing we cn accomodate the school and them in da hall.
tho’ their japanese students, i supposed mixing is the IN thing now.
i spotted a few mat salleh, hispanics, niggers – all are conversing in jepon la seyy..
hahaha short skirts, knee length socks
comel2 belaka budak2 tu sumer.. loL~

sad thing i never brought my trustworthy digicam.. wasted sia~

anyways.. i would like to wish

Happy Chinese New Year
Gong Xi Fa Cai

i wont be @ home till monday. am taking a break for a while.
i’ll see ya when i see u.

Remember me & smile, for it’s better to forget than remember me and cry.

  1. #1 by holyimp on Thursday, January 29, 2009 - 1:50 am

    woah joooot, sindir aku tak agak2. “at least some of us are working” eh? btw, “hegeh2 macam penagih” is very new to me. Oh well, it rhymes anyway. Who cares. Haha!

  2. #2 by PuTeRiPiNk on Sunday, February 1, 2009 - 8:00 pm

    hello! dah lama tak hop kat sini. dah tukar skin eh? hehe. anyway, relink idah back. terasa rimas pulak nak link orang lain. especially schoolmates. hehe.

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