anyway, i juz came back home
i dun feel too good myself.
i know im sick.. my throat is sore
almost on the verge of losing my voice.
had a long day at work.
went off to the other end of the island to fill my tummy
hoping we could catch up on old time sake.
but it turns out differently.
well, i literally juz had dinner there and went back home.
wad happen to catching up on old time sake?
i guess tad no longer happen.
and so i took my leave
feeling heavy and low
i head to some place i know
a place where i cud have a shoulder to cry on.
knowing the fact that im not feeling too well
and the condition im in then..
i wasnt ready to talk..
hoping tad u wud probe in more and ask..
i felt so heavy
i juz nid someone to talk to.
tad moment, tad instant..
but i was turn away
and was told to go home.
i know im sick and all.. but can u at least hear me out?
well, i guess not.
and i took my leave.. again

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