hooray tmr is monday.
oki.. tads a little plastic. loL~

soon it will be monday.
monday blues. oh well~ nothing new tho’
a lot of thinking was done. killing a few million brain cells. hahaha~
just some random thoughts of life. yeaa..

common test – the nxt 3 days.
Monday: maths & MT
Tuesday: Science & engLish
Wed: Humanities

and yea.. time to mark those scripts.

oh yea.. another update..
went for the AED interview last tues. their reply: 8 weeks later
omg laa.. lamer nyer..
den again..
Patience is a Virtue

if you guys didnt noe.. i juz adopt a kitty cat.
yep. a new addition to da family – even tho’ mummy hates it.
ngiow pagi, ptg, siang mlm.. pening dibuatnya.
but den again.. da jadi kebiasaan.
and now its been a week since we take care of it.
well.. i do most of the kaseh sayang laa.. welfare katakn
my 2nd sis on da food.
jemah – poo.

p.s thanks 4 putting up my pic eh.

i caught the curious case of benjamin Buttons @ cineleisure wif faz today.
rainy day.. everywhere is wet!!
nak tgk sgt kn.. har.. amik ko fai sampai kaki kepang..
.. need to get away from working life for a moment,
to get urself sane.
nt tad im insane or wad.. but ya..
u noe wad i mean. ((:

Time to catch some sleep..
and jemah!! remove it or else..

Love is..
As much of an object as an obsession.
Everyone wants it.
Everybody seeks it.
But few ever achieve it.
Those  who do – will cherish it, be lost in it
and among all, never..
never forget it.

  1. #1 by F@z on Monday, February 23, 2009 - 9:40 am

    thanks eh letak my pic yg tk senonoh tu…. nonsense!! aniwae… had fun yesterday!!!

    Fai: yea.. happy moments r nt to be forgoten. ((:

  2. #2 by F@zUan on Sunday, March 1, 2009 - 10:24 pm

    yar but the gambar tk payah eh!!! lolx…

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