hey peeps.
finally february is reaching its closure.

school’s been great.
2 more weeks b4 the march hols.
common tests are over.
results was oki for my 1NA.
im proud of my 1T1 for excellent results for their maths paper.
even tho` 2 of u didnt pass the paper.
saddening but hey.. work harder aite.

well.. if u still didnt noe,
im still a relief teaching @ BBSS.
however, i’ve gotten a nomination for President’s Awards for Teachers 2009
hah.. cant believe it my ears
but too bad. it cant be processed coz im not a perm staff there.
but nonetheless..
tad wont stop me from pursuing my dreams. (“,)

finally met up with sherwin after a few numerous failed attempts before
he’s doing good – working @ da airport.
planes and him juz cudnt be apart.
and yea.. ur uniform is BIG!! hahaha~

ill be out tis wkend to catch a show. wee~
my baby boii.. im missing u so much.. hehehe.. puurrrr~

i wanna stay overnight @ east coast!! any company?? wee~

  1. #1 by F@zUan on Sunday, March 1, 2009 - 10:23 pm

    heys… wanna noe wen u wanna overnite at eastcoast… do update me ya!!! hehe… coolnye!!!

    Fai`: yea.. dun worry.. most prob march hols~ =P

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