yeaa.. wednesday is passing like a breeze..
a light day today.
English first period, Maths after recess, and to finish the day, HOM

went back early coz the delivery guys from wihardja are coming to send the new furniture.
after that, met up with ihsan @ CP
his b’day todae
finally turn 20. hahahaha~
once again, happy 20th birthday!!

heard some news from the block yesterday
like i always told myself: expect the unexpected.
and see wad happen
one moment, things can go ur way
and the next, its not to ur favour any more..

well.. telegram came just in.
my honest opinion:
sensitive matter are appropriate when discussed in person.
like i said, if you didnt know what is a GPMG,
dont assume tad a SAW is a GPMG, even tho` they are similar!!
coz its NOT!!

Its a BIG, BIG NO!!!

anyway, go get urself a belt and we go trigger-happy k!!

tmr is English oral for sec 3 Express
we’ll see how u guys perform k. hahahhaa~ ciao

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