today marks another friday the 13th.
apparently we had one in feb. Now it appears again in March..
dunno when is the next one. hahaha~

jogathon was OVER!!
finally.. i didnt run tho coz im one of the safety teachers at chkpt 13.
hahaha.. too bad da bet is off huh~
try again nxt year darling.. ((:

pics are yet to be uploaded.
so pls be patient yea..

one more thing.
today is the last day of term 1. woohooo!!
CA1 report slip have been given out.
results for both my eng & maths class are good.
tho’ i expect them to perform satisfactorily.
i have to say that my NT class is shining much more than my NA’s

holidays are coming but papers have to be set.
eng P2 and maths have to be completed and to be vetted when sch term starts.
i’ve yet to start on both paper once i get enuff rest. hahaha!

well.. my cousin is getting engaged this sunday.


i dropped a tear in the ocean. the day you find it is the day i stop missing you..

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