my march holidays started on friday the 13.

well, i thought of planning a few other events during the one week break.
but it seems too short to plan anything.
i guess the best way was juz impromptu!!
like i always say.. kalo jadi, jadi.. kalo tk, too bad~
yep..  sunday was my cousin’s engagement, wed was ashadiq’s 20th bdae.
planning some east coast trips..

but the ultimate one was setting exam papers!!! urghhh
SA1 english & maths paper.. woohooo~
confirm stim kering sak..
dun worry i’ll find my way and time to complete them. loL~

anyway.. wad a way to usher the holidays. woohooo~
last sunday i attended my cousin’s engagement ceremony.
well u cn say we do look alike when we’re small then.
some thought we’re twins.

but hey.. close but not close enough.
hahah he keep telling me this.. “I’ll be there when it’s ur turn.. ”
oh well brother.. one day u will. (:

Congratulations to Shahrul Nizam & Shafiqa!!

well.. da rest of the photos are in my facebook. Here are some of them..

well.. dun blame me for the last pic. its kinda dark. my sis la.. dunno how to use flash. =.=”

15th March also marks my parents wedding anniversary.
28 years beb!! woohooo~

Happy Anniversary Mummy & Abah!!

and tmr is ash’s bdae.. jeng jeng jeng~

i luv my baby boii!!

  1. #1 by holyimp on Wednesday, March 18, 2009 - 2:38 am

    Woaw. Berapa dulang tuh? Penuh satu katil.

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