splitting headache. ups and downs. ego?. mistakes?
those are just some words i was fired with yesterday.
it was a fierce encounter
i have ever had in my 26 years of  life.

to err is human, to forgive divine.
apparently some of us is just isnt happy about that.
forgiving doesnt exist in his dictionary
even though no matter how console he is,
he was never ready to forgive.
persistently telling me i’m at fault.

at times i’m just wondering
if a person persistently wanted to befriend with you,
and you’ve realized you are not meant for the person,
what would you do?

i would rather NOT hurt the person and carry on with my life.
even though its unbearable to proceed.
life has to go on.
you need TWO hands to clap.
no point persistently hoping that it would last.
i do not want to hurt you further.

Let me be myself.
I’m happy the way i am.
if u cant change me, dun try to
you only hurt yourself more.
and when that happens,
you will not happy.
and when your not happy,
*Fill in the blanks…

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