i thought i’ve lost it forever.
when i need u the most.. u weren’t there.
i supposed its my fault that it all happened.
im sorry.

well, im glad that its over.
im not going to reply ur sms or answer ur call.
nonetheless.. if you have read my posts, then you’ll understand.
stop putting a false front.
i even thought you were sincere, but
it turned out that you’re none better.
cant believe i buy everything from you at first!!
hahaha.. i was cheated!!
after i got to know the REAL you,
its not worth my time getting to know you.

because of you, i lost someone dear to me.
because of you, it made me realize that
there are still lots of scum bags like u lingering on the streets
then again, because of you,
i can clearly differentiate which are my frens..
and those who arent.

Thank you.

anyway, on a lighter note.
i juz sit for a proficiency test.
i’m afraid that it might be too easy to fail.

Bulan kelahiran Islam anda adalah pada 12 Rabiul Awwal 1403 Hijrah iaitu jatuh pada hari Selasa.

Maksud : Bulan pertama musim bunga iaitu masa ketika bulan tersebut dinamakan.

Sifat : Mempunyai perwatakan yang baik. Mungkin anda akan mendapat pangkat yang besar, menjadi orang yang berpengaruh atau kaya tanpa diduga. Dalam pekerjaan ramai yang menyukai anda. Walau bagaimanapun, sifat negatif yang ada pada anda termasuklah kurang sabar, keras hati dan mudah marah.

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