yep. its 3 more days b4 school re-opens.
its confirm that school will open on the 29 june.
and with the babi flu still a pandemic,
the ministry have taken measures to cope with it.

so on the 29 itself, students and staffs are screen
if they are unwell, please make ur way to the gate and stay out.
CCA are scaled down or cancel. awww..
minise congregation of staffs and student – no assembly, what abt canteen? recess?

another thing is the 7-days LOA.
its for those who return from the affected countries.
As of 23 Jun, affected countries are Argentina, Australia, Canada, Chile, Dominican Republic,
Japan, Mexico, Panama, Philippines, Spain, Thailand, United Kingdom,
United States of America, Hong Kong, Indonesia.

anyways, fri got staff meeting.
am sure its gonna be long. and with things on the agenda.
aiyoyoyo cn say it will hit till 5? hahha we’ll see.
sat, i’m going for the Transformer 2 screening wif the kids. no details yet.
then on sunday, sports challenge dry run @ 11am.

hmm.. that wud sum up my june holidays b4 sch reopen.

  1. #1 by Mr Fidayos on Friday, June 26, 2009 - 8:49 am

    I hate babi flu…
    and I hate doing HBL!!!~ argh! babi btol

  2. #2 by wåñ‡äñ on Friday, June 26, 2009 - 9:22 pm

    Lawar Swine Flu nyer gambar… heh.. =p

  3. #3 by lanceress on Tuesday, July 7, 2009 - 7:03 am

    I love that Lemsip image!! Can I use it on my fb!?

  4. #4 by yanni on Friday, July 10, 2009 - 3:29 pm

    lol! flu babi.

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