firstly i wud like to apologise
if i had been on hiatus for very long time without telling u guys.
another reason was i was on course for three months and it ended last friday
hoping @ the end of the course
i would attain a specialist diploma after going thru all the modules.

a lot of things had happened while im gone for this course
within the course & my tutorial group,
meet all kinds of ppl from diff walks of lives,
shared knowledge within the course,
improve inter & intra personal strengths
but most importantly, made new friends.

there are ppl who are pregnant and yet younger than me.
some even with 2 kids. and still be younger than me.
at times i feel im a bit the old.
but there are some who are 55
nothing beats that. (:

a handful of lecturer is awesome – jayadas, moses, janet
loads of ’em are boring.
george jacobs, goh c.b, dr ching just to name a few
told us not to be a boring allied but, yet they are showing it. OMG laa~

from essays of 2k words
to presentations after presentations followed by
a 2hrs science test and endless loads of lesson plans
and not forgetting my favourite
evaluation forms!!

travelled from NEC to SDC
as far as OneNorth or even to SSC.

nothing beats than having a cup of teh-O early in the morning with good company. (:
shared ups & downs and feel comfortable to talk to within the group
learnt that its oki to laugh at your own mistakes
and dun judge a book by its cover – coz ppl think im some mat rep!! omg la~

got to know some towards the end of the course
and realised they r not that bad after all.
if only i had the chance to know more about the rest.
if only

amidst the joy of having the course to be over
heart is heavy not wanting it to end
but that is life.
accept the fact that every start, there must be an ending.

a chapter has juz ended.
3 months ago
strangers become friends.
ties are bonded even closer with that common goal.
and a new one will start in a few weeks time.

till our path crosses the next time,
i wish all who have known me the best of luck.


  1. #1 by wåñ‡äñ on Tuesday, December 8, 2009 - 7:25 pm

    Finally, haha..3 mths beb. I nvr had courses like this long. But I’m sure you would achieve da goals in the course that you’ve attend, and pass wif flying colours ~ 😉

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