hey all.
my bad for not religiously updating this blog.
haah. heck care~

anyways, january had been great so far.
some events like…
helped out with hilman’s bro’s wedding together with YIA Mentors.
attended a sec 1 PTM.
went Bintan with the Sec 2’s for their MLA.
attended a junior’s wedding @ Orchard Hotel.
had a recce for NightCycling event in March.
a BBQ retreat for mentors @ Reh’s crib.

amidst all that not counting staying till late for contact times,
professional sharing, badminton tournament, committee meetings..

nonetheless im waiting for the chinese new year long weekend.
a well deserved break i supposed.

sneak peek for this week.
learning journey for Sec 2NT to ITE West: Bukit Batok Campus
staff welfare committee: baking or yoga
Professional sharing by Dr Manu Kapur
and to end the weekend with YMC Leadership Seminar @ Onepeople.sg
Wak Din’s Engagement Ceremony!!

oki peeps. gotta run for class. catch up with u soon.

p.s. yes i have updated. time for u to run in ur briefs. heeh~

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