second saturday

progressing well with the blog i guess. haahha~ just had the annual sec 1 ptm & cca showcase yesterday. the usual every year where all cca are trying to sell theirs to the sec 1’s. major changes for me is that im in ncc land this year. shouldnt be a problem i guess. hah! so far the pace hv been good. schools’s having good results for O level. therefore the kids enjoy a half day on wed. not for us though. good thing the staff meeting was pushed earlier. matters were discussed. one good pointer we received after all this year. good thing its appreciated. benefited all of us. phew~

anyways. the following week, we’re having the school’s MLA. im gg for a camp wif my sec 2’s to hometeamNS for 3days. hahaha~ oh yea.. i juz remembered, the SIS board is having their BGM today. comtemplating to go or not. lols~ see how laa.. we just had a debrief session @ NYC last thurs. fruitful? i guess so. then again i always had the feeling of how far does our feedback will go. if its just there, no point laa.. and yea.. dun forget ppl! this year we’re doing the roadshow for 38 SSEAYP 2011.



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