sec2 MLA @ HomeTeamNS CDANS

from wed onwards of last week. the school was engaged with their multi level activities (MLA) such as camps, learning journeys as such. as FTs of sec 2 this year, im going to CDANS for a camp with my 2 T1. last year we went to bintan for a camp wif the sec 2s. i cud say that the overall the experience was different. different camp wif different expectations. the camp was facilitate by Cheers Connect International.

brief summary abt the camp.
they had 3 rotations for different activity – high elements, inter team challenge &amazing race @ labrador park. they had a “night walk” around the campsite. taught them a few cheers. its great. alhamdulillah it didnt rain throughout. if not kecian budak2 tu. lol~

everyone comes with a heavy heart not too sure of what to expect. but in the end, everyone met their expectations. overall, they had fun, won the team cheer and most importantly i hope they have bonded as a class. monday is sch as usual followed by another week of lesson and then its CNY. another long weekend. ((:


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    Awesome Pics ~

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