exploration in ethnicity

well. thats the course title that i went to the last wkend. a residential stay @ GBC. conducted by OPSG. basically it deals matters on ethnicity & racism. very enriching course. however, i felt that there are many things that we can further discuss on matters on ethnicity & racism. hahaha~

day 1
participant of the course range from NIE trainee teachers, NTU & NUS students, tertiary students. we start with icebreakers as usual in any group event. next we’re divided into 2 groups. we start off by asking ourselves – what do we want to achieve after this course. followed by a social contract which each and everyone one in the group members have to abide to. a series of questions came from the faci and we decide on where we stand from a scale of 0 – 10. each  & everyone of us have different views. after lunch was a video – the eye of the storm. its a very old clip about a teacher conducted an experiment on her class. basically differentiating the brown eyes & the blue eyes kids. basically those given the brown eyes wud have much advantage to those of blue eys. and they will swap roles the following day. on the third day, these kids share their views and opinion on the experiment. in the evening, we had a life journey session where everyone would their life stories to the group.

day 2
we have to shuttle back to OPSG coz the course have to end there. first activity was the community drumming. basically all percussion instruments – bass drums, djembe, wood blocks, cow bells, shakers. one thing i learnt from that is that we need to allow ourselves so that we could allow others to come in and follow. its interesting how people with no musical background can make music harmoniously. excellent activity. we continue sharing our life journey after that. finally a cert was given out. another paper collection. hah!

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