saturday mayhem

end of week 6.

saturday morning. i woke up early just to make a guest appearance for the environment club. they were going to clean the eco-pond, re-planting new plants and taking care of the school compound on a saturday morning. that was when i realised the school is like a ghost town. i was there about 0730hrs. the kids were waiting outside of the gate. apparently no one is allowed to enter w/o a teacher in charge. so the rest were waiting for mr. syam to arrive before starting work.

the kids learn how to handle a cangkul, re-arrange the lily pot, adding fertilisers, watering the plants, pulling weeds and not forgetting playing Monopoly Deal! lol~ i cant believe within the short 2hrs, we managed to complete quite a number of things. the school may owns an eco-pond. but have they ever wondered who would take care of them. without these kids, the eco pond environment wont even exist. kudos to all!!

caught up again with some of the boys later in the afternoon for a good dip @ JE pool. nice weather to juz laze in the pool before heading to the Emerald for Spytens BBQ.

the Emerald Condominium

that’s the place where we held our BBQ. siti was the first person to reach! hmm.. was it enthusiastic? hahah you decided. 😛 perhaps she’s being helpful. about 13 of us were there for the BBQ. some said will drop but never did. maybe they dropped out of it after all. some replied but did not turn up. some were the first to reply but no news after that. some are working. some have issues with each other. some have other last minute gatherings.  others? i guess they  just couldn’t be bothered.

stories were shared. gossips were spread. food much not eaten. nonetheless we had fun. even though it is just a small group. i definitely had fun. so, my next question to all is –  What will happen after this? I doubt there will be anymore gathering like this. even if they were, it will still be the same faces at every gathering. enough ranting about these people. tomorrow is Valentine’s Day.

Happy Valentine’s Day to me!! ❤

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